A Self Awareness Programme for the Rural Students

In line with Bhagawan's teaching of building character among the Student community, a well thought out initiative, "Yuva Prerana" was taken by the Sri. Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Karnataka, through its Bangalore Rural Youth Wing. Yuva Prerana- is a sustained Programme of imparting moral education classes to the students of identified colleges in the Bangalore Rural and adjoining districts. A Comprehensive syllabus was formed in line with Bhagawan's messages and in the initial phase about 30 colleges were identified, to receive these classes every week, as a part of their regular curriculum. In order to impart this education, 40 learned speakers were identified who would be visiting these institutions regularly to take up these classes.

The programme is intended to cover about 4500 students belonging to the age group of 16 to 21 years, and in their Pre University, ITI, BEd, D Ed and other undergraduate courses. To these students, the following are the topics under which lessons would imparted to the students.
  1. Man is Prime Creation
  2. Aim of Life/ Self Awareness
  3. Mysteries of Mind:
  4. Yoga & Life
  5. What, Why and How of Spirituality
  6. Science & Spirituality
  7. Power of Prayer
  8. Food Habits & Health & Hygiene
  9. Spirituality in Daily Life
  10. Ego and Anger Management
  11. Education in Human Values (EHV)
  12. Cultural Heritage of India
  13. Spiritual Heritage of India
  14. Major Religions of the World
  15. Sai Philosophy of Education
  16. Youth Power in Service of the Nation
  17. Controlling Personal Habits:
  18. Role Plays in Character Building
Educare: As can be seen above, in order to stress on the important of Educare, a separate topic has been formulated. In this topic, the following aspects are being stressed upon:
  • Educare - Veda of the 21st century
  • Education Vs. Educare
  • The 5 Human values. Examples of the teaching content for each of them is listed below
    • Sathya : The changeless one in all 3 periods of time.
    • Dharma: Unity of thought, word and deed
    • Shanthi: The approach of equanimity as exemplified by Sri Rama, Jesus and Prophet Mohammed
    • Prema: Selfless love Vs. selfish love; Love not an emotion but energy
  • The 108 sub values
  • Analysis of each of the values and its relevance to modern day world
  • Need to protect Sathya and Dharma for global peace - Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha
Also, At the end of the programme there would be a Test/Competition and of course a concluding session with valedictory ceremony.

With the Divine blessings of Bhagawan and with the able guidance of Sri Nagesh .G. Dhakappa, State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Karnataka; Sri Gangadhara Shetty, Convener, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Trust, Karnataka; Sri B.N. Narasimha Murthy, Warden, Brindavan Hostel of Sri Sathya Sai University; the Yuva Prerana program was inaugurated on August 3rd 2008 at Brindavan.

At the inauguration, the Objective of the program and a brief overview was provided to the representatives of the management, principals, lecturers and teachers of the various colleges. General guidelines were also provided to the speakers taking part in Yuva Prerana. The programme concluded with an interactive session where the heads of institutions individually expressed their willingness to implement the project in their institutions.

Ingauguration of "Yuva Prerana" at Brindavan

Coverage till date
Most earnestly, the Yuva Prerana project started on the 4th of August itself, the very next day after its inauguration at Brindavan, Bangalore. And, Institutions are now continuously keen to have the programmes conducted at their premises and the speaker visits are being planned as per the time table. The launch of the programme at the various institutions is now complete and the following are the details of the progress of the Project:
  • No. of Institutions Identified: 30
  • No. of Institutions visited so far: 28
  • No. of participating speakers, so far: 17
  • No of classes conducted, so far: 178
  • Eminent guest speakers who have been a part of the project, so far
    - Sri. B.N. Narasimha Murthy
    - Dr. Yejasuddin
    - Dr. Basavaraju
  • The following additional programmes were also taken up as a part of the project:
    - Jyothi Meditation
    - Handwriting Analysis & counseling sessions
    - Study Techniques
    - Bhajan sessions
Apart from the lecture by the speaker, the standard practice followed in the Yuva Prerana sessions has been to include: One minute silent sitting, Chanting of "Samastha Loka Suknino Bhavanthu" and an instruction to the students to take padanamaskar of their parents before coming to the institution. Also, feedback was obtained from students individually after the classroom sessions.

Yuva Prerana session at the
Channambika College, Chnnapatna

Inauguration of Yuva Prerana at
Mandavya Educational Institution, Mandya

Session at Govt. Junior College Channapatna

Session at Hamsalekha Deshi
Educational Institutions, Bangalore

As a combined effect of the above, there has been a visible transformation among the students and is being exhibited in their behavior, interaction and involvement. It was interesting to see that most of the teaching faculty of the institutions is also attending the sessions.

Since the impact is best assessed by the response of the students, some of their feedback is repeated here, verbatim.
  1. "The class was so interesting that we learnt about many things on the subject of Mind. This can be cultivated in our life to come forward in the society and it is more beneficial for the students especially for the youngsters. Thank you for giving the speech about the topic of Mind"- H. S. Rekha, II Bsc, Mandavya Educational Institution, Mandya Dist.

  2. "For a person who was looking for a solution to a mental confusion, this class of Jyothi Meditation, helped me to find an answer for which I thank Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations"- H G Avinash- I BBM, Mandavya Educational Institutions, Mandya Dist.

  3. "Today I understood that for a person, to either be successful or otherwise, his thoughts and decisions are responsible. For us to take any decision, we should send our thoughts to our Intellect & Heart to do as per their dictates. This seems to be a good practice. There is no doubt that with the above practice we all become good human beings. This is helpful for even the educated to take to the right path. I thank Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations for the above programme."- D V Kusuma, I year PUC- MABL College, Dodaballapur, Bangalore Rural Dist.

  4. "The subject matter of this Yuva Prerana Programme is very excellent because this programme will create awareness and intelligence among students and general public. This is why after this Yuva Prerana, programme I desire to know more about Sri Sathya Sai Baba"- S. Chandrakala, I puc MABL- college, Dodaballapur, Bangalore Rural Dist.

  5. "What I wish to convey is that I got good moral lesson from you. I was not touching my parents feet, but I shall do so from now on every morning"- Seema. I PUC MABL College - Dodballapur, Bangalore Rural Dist.

  6. "If we need to be successful in our life, we need to concentrate on 3 things: namely, Religion, Rituals, and Spirituality. We must respect all religions and believe in God. God is present everywhere, God is only one but names are many. We must follow our rituals and traditions which help in spirituality. Spirituality destroys Man's animal nature and it converts us to become a good man which is important in our life"- Ramana, II yr Bsc, Mandavya Educational Institution, Mandya Dist.

  7. "We had forgotten our original nature, but the team of Yuva Prerana, really opened our eyes. You guided us as to how our future should be and we are now extremely happy for helping us to get good thoughts. I request to do this Yuva Prerana Programme in many more schools and colleges" - B Ananda, SLNM- ITI College, Channapatna Bangalore Rural Dist.

  8. "In the past, I did not believe in God. But now after the classes really I believe in God. I thought that the world was made by science. No that is wrong. The world is made of Spirituality"- G. Anitha, II Bsc, Sri. Kongadiappa college, Dodballapur, Bangalore Rural Dist.

  9. "When I was a student in PUC, I had a keen interest in Biology. It was my favorite subject and I thank you sir, for explaining morality with the help of Biology. Your 3 HV formula will be very helpful for me and I will implement formula in every aspect of my life'- Nazeem Taj. III Bsc, Kongadiappa College, Dodballapur Bangalore Rural IDst.

  10. "By attending these moral classes it made me come back from a Negative diversion of mind and makes me to continue my DEd Education, and become and serve as an ideal teacher. This session has given me that strength."- H Savitha, DEd I year, SCMM College Maddur. Mandya Dist.

  11. "My parents were against me touching their feet daily, as it is not according to our Islam culture. My father said that Allah should only be prayed. But I said that I see My God in them and continued the practice of touching their feet daily" - Nasreen, I year BBM, SJES College, Hoskote, Bangalore Rural Dist.

  12. "I had originally planned to go to a morning show movie today, by bunking my classes. But after listening to the talk of 'Aim of Life', I promise that I shall never repeat this mistake" - Shweta, Channambika PU college Channapatna.

Way forward Plan
The Yuva Prerana programme is not only planning to complete the current academic year, but by Bhagawan's grace, the plan is to extend the programme to the next academic year also.
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